Stephanie and Nick tied the knot on August 11th at the Chevy Chase Country Club. Scroll down to see their AMAZING photos, read about this adorable couple and see a full list of vendors!

Nick had just graduated from law school and was about to jump right in to studying for the bar exam, so Nick and Steph had booked a fun getaway to Punta Cana before bar prep madness ensued. Nick had his own secret plans for the trip!

After spending a day out in the sun they headed to the beach, which was empty and silent, yet so breathtaking. They walked slowly and reminisced on how amazing their 5 years together have been. The moment could not be more perfect as they passed a wooden sign hanging on one of the palm trees next to them that read, "Whatever With You". Nick brought up their first date when he visited Steph in Wilmette over the summer in 2012. He had stopped by to hang out with her after golfing with hockey friends earlier that same day and Steph suggested they go to Gilson Beach, right by her house. "I loved that day," Steph said, walking just a few steps ahead of Nick on a wooden walkway that led to the beach. Nick responded, "Do you remember the shooting star we both saw at Gilson?"

Of course she did! They continued to reminisce on their love story and then Nick told Steph that there was only one thing that could make the vacation even better. "What's that?" Steph asked, turning around.

Nick was down on one knee.

Steph couldn't believe it. Her mouth dropped as he asked, "Stephanie Aguilar, will you marry me?" Repeatedly, she asked, "Is this real? Is this a joke!? Is this real?!?!" Of course she said yes!