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Lindsey and Mark met in April 2011 at Northern Illinois University at a party for a friend's birthday. Among the list of attendees at this party were members of the NIU hockey team. Lindsey's sister's boyfriend played on the team with Mark which aided in the two meeting for the first time. After the night of that party, they would run into each other at hockey events and within their social circle. After spending a summer apart they went back to school at the end of August and were dating by the first week in October. On their one year anniversary Mark gave Lindsey a ring and said he'd buy her a ring on their one year and five year anniversary.

The night of the proposal the two were in Chicago for the night. Mark was supposed to be at work while Lindsey got ready at the hotel. While getting ready there was a mysterious knock at the door. Lindsey answered thinking there was something wrong with her reservation but there Mark was. When asked why he was there all he could respond was "I had a really important question to ask you and I couldn't wait any longer". Right then, in the doorway of the hotel, he got down on one knee and proposed. She was in snowflake pajama pants and hair in a towel but for that moment, it didn't matter. After that the couple called their family and close friends and went to dinner to celebrate!

The day of the wedding the girls went to Avalon Salon in Deer Park to get hair and makeup done. They had mimosas and breakfast at the salon before going back to the hotel to get dressed and head over to the venue. The boys got a limo to Leafs Ice Center where they all played hockey together. They had lunch at the arena bar and then had the opportunity to dress one last time in the locker rooms where NIU played hockey. Most of the boys played together at NIU so this was a really great moment for them when they got to go back and instead of dressing for a game, got to dress for the wedding!

One of the favorite moments from the wedding was when it started raining right before the pictures were scheduled to be taken outside. The group had already taken all of their pictures indoor before it started raining (of course) so they had a lot of time to kill. Without skipping a beat, the photographer went out and bought cases of beer for the wedding party to keep the party going. Then, right after the ceremony, it stopped raining and the photographer immediately rushed them outside to capture a few shots which ended up being their FAVORITE photos because of the amazing skyline. Additionally, Lindsey's dad and her went and took dance lessons prior to the big day because he was really nervous for the first dance! Lindsey has a dance background she has danced all her life and is currently coaching a high school dance team! She knew she needed to incorporate that into the day. Her daddy-daughter dance was to the song "Mama" by Carrie Underwood but she had a family friend re-record the song to be about her dad instead of mom. Half way through our dance, the music cut to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" where her dad ripped off his jacket and they went from a formal routine to a more fun routine which really showcased her dad's fun side along with the brides dance background. It was kept a secret from everyone!!

We also asked Lindsey to talk a little bit about her dress. "The dress was just as beautiful when bustled as it was with the full skirt." Looking back at her wedding video and in pictures during the first dance, she loved how it twirled! "The reason I chose this dress was because it was very elegant and traditional at the top with a fun flair for the skirt; which is JUST my personality. It was form fitting to show off my figure but also lose and easy to walk in; which is especially important for spending the night on the dance floor!!"