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It all started in July of 2012 when Hannah and Dave went to be "wingman" and "wingwoman" for their friends at a bar called Drink in Schaumburg. Not expecting much of the night, they ended up talking and dancing the night away. Little did they know, it turned out to be a key day in their Love Story. At the time Hannah was still in Grad School at ISU, and Dave was living in Elmhurst. They dated long distance, with almost every weekend Hannah coming back home to see Dave, and Dave making the trek to Bloomington-Normal a few times. They survived the long distance, and once Hannah graduated and moved home, things continued to grow stronger between them.

Hannah soon after moved to the City while Dave was still in Elmhurst, but a lot closer and a couple years later they both moved to the West Loop together.

Hannah and Dave are truly a great match and look forward to continue conquering the world together as husband and wife.

In order to get ready to pop the big question, Dave had to be sneaky because Hannah seems to find out everything. It was extremely tough planning something since they live together. Because of that Dave planned everything in five days. He got her friend Kim involved to make it seem like Kim was inviting Hannah and Dave on a double date at the Tiki bar along the river walk in Chicago. Little did Hannah know, that Dave was in on it. When Hannah asked Dave if he wanted to go on a double date at the Tiki bar, he said "sure". Then shortly after Kim texted Dave saying "she bought it".

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, Dave and Hannah walked their dog Peanut two miles through the city on a beautiful sunny day along the river walk. As they got to the Tiki bar, Kim texted Hannah that she was running late, so Dave suggested walking down a little bit further. That is where there were some roses, a basket with champagne, and two glasses awaiting. Dave then walked close to the basket, grabbed Hannah''s hands and got down on one knee. After he asked (and she said yes), he said look behind him. That is where she saw her family and Dave's family across the river holding a 30-foot sign saying "Hannah, Will you Marry Me?"

The surprise wasn't over. As they walked to meet up with their families, they went towards a big boat. There were about 50 of their closest friends and family waiting on the boat ready to celebrate their engagement. They celebrated with everyone on a three-hour boat ride through Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.