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"Jeff and Robyn met when they were teenagers, working at the Herrington Inn and Spa as banquet servers. The two bonded over their mutual love for comedies, specifically quoting "Superbad" at every opportunity. Jeff always had a crush on Robyn during their time working there but due to his lack of "game" in the female department as an awkward teenager he never mustered the courage to ask her out. After meeting and working together in high school, Jeff attended DePaul University in Chicago, while Robyn went on to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The two kept in touch periodically through Facebook."

"After completing grad school, Robyn had plans of moving back to St. Charles to live with her older sister. Jeff had found out about this (Facebook creeping) and decided this was the perfect time to get reacquainted. He messaged her on Facebook in February 2013 asking if she wanted to come to the city. She said that sounded like a blast and gave him her phone number (which he pretended he didn't have, but he did). A month later they met up in St. Charles for a drink at "The Office" and a day later Robyn joined Jeff in the city for the great Chicago St. Patrick's Day festivities and had an awesome time. As she got into a cab to go back to the suburbs, Jeff went in for a kiss. The rest is history."

Robyn and Jeff tied the knot at Fisherman's Inn in Elburn, IL. With a soft rustic vibe and rich jewel tones their fall wedding couldn't have been any more picturesque! Scroll down to see all of the Pinterest worth wedding inspiration!