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On July 4th, 2014 Kris and Cristin first crossed paths at a mutual friend's house. Cristin noticed a man sitting by the bonfire pit she had not yet met and as she is such a friendly outgoing person went up and introduced herself to Kris.

Once dark, the fireworks show started and Kris had taped the display. After which Cristin asked to see the video as her phone had died, and she wasn't able to tape it herself. She then secretly texted the video to herself so she would have a copy. After a fun evening of celebrating America's birthday, the two of them were found devouring leftovers and even eating off of each other's plates in the kitchen. As they were happily engorging on their meal, a man walked in and said, "Hey! Are you two dating?" Cristin and Kris both looked at each other and laughed, saying, "No, we just met!" But, unbeknownst to each other they were both thinking, I must like this person if I am willing to share my food with them.

Cristin then went home at the end of the party. The next day, Kris noticed that Cristin had actually sent herself the video, so he decided to send her a text.

Fast forward two months and Cristin is now working in downtown Chicago. One September day while out with co-workers for happy hour, she noticed the time and realized if she didn't leave immediately she would miss her train home. While walking up to the train station, she heard someone shout her name and was shocked to discover the random person was actually Kris! He asked her out for a drink, but she had to decline as she thought she was running late for her train and also had her sister's baby shower planned for the following morning. After parting ways, Cristin realized she misread the timetables and her train was not for another hour. When reflecting on that day, they both decided it was fate that made Cristin arrive early so she could run into Kris at the train station.

Cristin's niece was actually born the next day and Kris reached out, to wish her congratulations. His texting capabilities miraculously changed this time around as he wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. He was then persistent in asking her to join him on some group outings so they could get to know each other better. Cristin knew she liked him and after many dinner dates spending hours talking and getting to know one another they made it official. Since then they have traveled to a number of places and continue to make happy memories wherever they go.

Cristin's gorgeous gown is a Wtoo that is soft and sweet. This shimmer tulle ball gown is accented with beaded, lace motifs on the bodice. This dress features a scalloped neckline, plunging back, and double-faced satin ribbon to accent the waistline. Her whimsical dress fit the vibe of her cozy farm setting. The deep wood was complimented by the soft ivory tones and blush pinks.