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We are so excited to be sharing this Luxe Bride's wedding day with our followers! Sohail and Tomika have known each other for over five and a half years . They met through a mutual friend downtown and have been inseparable ever since. Here is a little bit about the proposal in Tomika's words: "The day of the proposal started out lounging by the pool and ocean with my family, friends and Sohail. We decided we needed a little adventure in our day so we asked around and made the decision to go parasailing." Uhmm all the heart eye emojis for that! "I was so excited, little did I know this was going to be the best day of my life. We all took a jet ski out to the boat that was holding everyone. T


With the weather getting warmer and the leaves returning to the trees we can't help but get anxious for Spring and Summer weddings. We've been skimming bridal magazines, visiting our designers and talking with our brides about all the amazing trends soon to arrive in store. We have picked our FAVS and are going to share them with you today along with pictures that we think embody these trends. 1. FLORAL DETAILS Florals for spring? Groundbreaking... but lets be real we all love a floral motif for Spring. We have been seeing laces with big floral patterns all over dresses and even some 3D elements. Martina Liana wowed us with the romantic garden feel of her dresses this season and our brides h

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