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Our featured Luxe Bride, Sarah, looked absolutely stunning on her big day and we just had to share some photos with you! We spoke with Sarah about the wedding and what some of her favorite moments were and here's what she had to say: "The best part of the day was finally being able to marry the man that I have been with for over 6 years. My engagement ring has the diamond from my great grandmother's engagement ring and the cake topper was my grandparents. Keith wrote me a special message, in blue, on the bottom of my shoes and I wrote my parents a special note to commemorate what this day meant to me." "Getting ready at the Inn with my sisters, mother, mother-in-law and best friend was so sp


We talked to Macy about her wedding day, what she loved most, her favorite memories and of course how Dillon proposed and here's what she had to say: "One of our favorite moments was our first look, it was truly special to have our entire wedding party at the top of the hill as I walked down to the dock and was able to share a moment with Dillon alone before the chaos of the rest of the day began" said the bride Macy when asked what she loved most about her big day. "Walking down the aisle was a dream come true, looking around I felt like I didn’t see anyone except for Dillon at the end of the aisle! During the ceremony we said our own vows and it was amazing, my absolute favorite part of th

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