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It all started in July of 2012 when Hannah and Dave went to be "wingman" and "wingwoman" for their friends at a bar called Drink in Schaumburg. Not expecting much of the night, they ended up talking and dancing the night away. Little did they know, it turned out to be a key day in their Love Story. At the time Hannah was still in Grad School at ISU, and Dave was living in Elmhurst. They dated long distance, with almost every weekend Hannah coming back home to see Dave, and Dave making the trek to Bloomington-Normal a few times. They survived the long distance, and once Hannah graduated and moved home, things continued to grow stronger between them. Hannah soon after moved to the City while D


"Jeff and Robyn met when they were teenagers, working at the Herrington Inn and Spa as banquet servers. The two bonded over their mutual love for comedies, specifically quoting "Superbad" at every opportunity. Jeff always had a crush on Robyn during their time working there but due to his lack of "game" in the female department as an awkward teenager he never mustered the courage to ask her out. After meeting and working together in high school, Jeff attended DePaul University in Chicago, while Robyn went on to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The two kept in touch periodically through Facebook." "After completing grad school, Robyn had plans of moving back to St. Charles to live wit

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